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Effective exercises for all women who love wearing heels

Every woman is in search of the most effective exercises that will make her body look amazing. Also, almost every woman wears heels so that she can feel sexy, confident and put together. But, wearing heels comes with a price. High heels have a bad effect on the calves, feet and ankles. They can also […]

Learn how to eat like a real body builder

Body builders have a special diet that helps them lose the excess weight and build muscle. If you adjust your diet and follow it strictly, you can maintain a healthy weight. The basic idea in every builder’s diet is to eat food that is low in fat and carbohydrates and high in fiber and protein. […]

Common health mistakes men make on a daily basis

Men have some daily habits that are deep into their routine that is hardly believable that you can make them stop. But, many of those daily habits are mistakes that men constantly make, so read on to see whether you are making some of those mistakes. Mark Wolff, PhD, from New York University College of […]

Creatine- What is the Right Dose?

Holding the first place in popularity among the supplements, creatine is also the best researched supplement on the market. When you increase the amount of energy on the short-term, you exercise with high-intensity. Creatine gives increased energy on the short-term. Lifters can use this energy to push themselves harder for a short period and to […]

Move Outside for more Intense Cardio Workout

We know that when the day for Cardio comes you always feel tired, but we also know that you can’t maintain that shape of yours without doing cardio at least twice per week. This period of the year, the summer, is perfect for outside cardio. Off flat terrain that you can only run during the […]

Exercise Program 1

For anyone who wants to gain weight, the first approach should be strength training. It starts with light workout and later helps you to gain weight.

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Exercise Program 2

There are a lot of reasons people decide to obtain gym membership .

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Exercise Program 3

People come up with all sorts of inventive excuses to avoid working out and get in shape

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