Bodybuilding for Women: Discovering Workouts for Women

Bodybuilding is not just limited to men. There is also a bodybuilding for women. Men have been more conscious to their body structure, but there are women who want to grow body muscles as well. Bodybuilding for men do not differ so much from bodybuilding for women. Both these kinds of bodybuilding still invest in bodybuilding workout routines which are heavy enough to trigger the development of body muscles. This article will share you the different workout routines that focus on growing women’s body muscles.

The Workout Routines for Women

  • Trapezius Muscles

The trapezius is a large muscle which is known to extend longitudinally from our occipital bone to our lower thoracic vertebrae. Some of the exercises which are done to focus on this area are:

  • Barbell Shrug Behind the Back
  • Calf-Machine Shoulder Shrug
  • Standing Dumbbell Upright Row


  • Triceps

Triceps is a muscle located at the back of our upper limb. This is one of the obsessions of women. They usually want it strong and firm. Some of the exercises for this muscle are:

  • Bench Press with Chains
  • Cable Incline Triceps Extension
  • Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press


  • Rhomboids

Rhomboid is a muscle located in our middle back. Having a large rhomboid muscle makes the body look more beautiful. Exercises for this area are:

  • Bent Over One-Arm Long Bar Row
  • Incline Bench Pull
  • Lying Cambered Barbell Row


  • Hamstring

The hamstring is contracted by a total of three posterior thigh muscles known as biceps femoris, semimembranosus, and semitendinosus. Exercises for this area are:

  • Box Jump (Multiple Response)
  • Chair Leg Extended Stretch
  • Double Kettlebell Alternating Hang Clean


  • Quadriceps

Quadriceps femoris, commonly called as quads, is a muscle group which includes prevailing muscles located on the front of our thighs. Certain exercises to develop this muscle are:

  • All Fours Quad Stretch
  • Alternate Leg Diagonal Bound
  • Bear Crawl Sled Drags


There are other exercises which are intended for bodybuilding for women. One can perform other workout routines other than the workouts mentioned above. Remember that there are also other areas which you might want to enhance and are not stated above. Some of these muscles are latissimus dorsi, lower back, gluteus maximus, and calves. Bodybuilding for women can be as heavy as bodybuilding workouts for men. However, women may also choose a lighter set of exercises which are more preferable for their part.

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